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Major diplomatic victory:

China, NAM to support Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's long time ally China is also going to lodge a formal protest against the UN Chief Ban Ki Moon's unilateral decision to appoint an advisory panel on Sri Lanka.

The Sunday observer understands the regional giant China, one of the nine vetoes at the Security Council has also come forward to support Sri Lanka to fight the unprecedented action by Moon.

The largest regional bloc NAM which represents two thirds of the UN membership last week strongly condemned the decision by the UN Chief.

"The Movement firmly opposes the unilateral evaluation and certification of the conduct of States as a means of exerting pressure on Non Aligned countries and other developing countries."The independent UN observers said this was a major diplomatic victory by Sri Lanka.

The United Nations was expected to issue a formal response to the NAM communique on Saturday.

Sri Lanka's Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Palitha Kohona briefed the Non Aligned Movement prior to NAM's unprecedented decision to back Sri Lanka in its fight against the UN move.

Addressing the 118 member body at its Coordinating Bureau meeting Dr.Kohona said "I believe this initiative is unprecedented and unacceptable. No UN Body or member State has called for the appointment of such a Panel."

He has also underlined the fact the Government has publicly pledged that it will address allegations of violations of the Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law through a domestic mechanism.

"This assurance has been categorically given by the Government. You must remember that it is only eight months since the end of the 27 year long conflict in Sri Lanka.

As a developing country, our resources were stretched to the limit, and they still are, during this period looking after the needs of approximately 300,000 IDPs, reconstructing a ravaged country and restoring democratic political processes. "

"We are on the eve of Parliamentary General Election which is scheduled to take place on April 8. We feel this announcement will, unfortunately, be seen as an effort to interfere in Sri Lanka's domestic affairs.

Sri Lanka is seriously concerned that it has been unfairly singled out, when allegations of breaches of international humanitarian standards abound in wars involving external military forces in our wider region.


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