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Birth of Prince Siddhartha

Fascinating murals

Vesak time was just over and the all the temples were spruced up. I visited the Gothami Vihara in Borella area, mainly to admire the famous murals in the temple's shrine room. This particular temple was built by Apolonia de Soysa Pieris, mother of Sir James Pieris. This temple would have been one among the others in our country but for the fact that it contained special murals. This vihara was established in 1900. Then, in 1939, George Keyt, the well known artist was invited to paint the walls in the shrine room where the statues are. He was asked to paint episodes that depicted the life of Buddha and so he did. Thus, this temple became special as the other temples mostly have murals of the Jataka stories and paintings of hell.

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Teaching Indian cinema : problems and prspects

The eminent film scholar Christian Metz once remarked that 'the cinema is difficult to explain because it is easy to understand.'. This paradoxical statement highlights the central problem of teaching films. Everyone knows what film is; everyone enjoys films. Hence, many voice the opinion, that there is nothing to teach about cinema. Clearly, this is wrongheaded. Cinema, like literature or music, is a complex art and it draws significantly on both of them. Therefore, it is very important, at the very outset, to establish the fact that there is much to be taught regarding the art of cinema as indeed as literature.

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Raja Rao - A great Indian novelist of the 20th century

Following the last week's Cultural Scene on Indian born writers and their work, this week I would like to focus on one of the fine Indian born writers who has made a great impact on the West through his writings.

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