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Computer, a hi-tech invention

The computer helps man in many ways. A door to the modern world, the computer has become one of the most advanced technological inventions in the world today. Even small children can operate a computer nowadays because it is found in many homes and even schools.

In the medical field a computer is very useful, especially for scanning, to search for new medicines and to research into new diseases, among many other functions. Same even use computers for certain sports activities. It is generally used as an instructor.

There are many computers in the market today such as palmtops, laptops, desktops, minicomputers, mainframe computers and micro computers. The computer is very useful for school leavers too, especially to look for employment.

We can contact many people who are living far away from us via skype, e-mail, messenger and facebook.

At times a computer can make a person become lazy.

A computer has the ability to do a great deal of work which brings man fame. However, if man misuses it, it can become embarrassing for him.

So, use the computer only to carry out useful and good work and make the maximum out of it. The computer, which is the result of advanced technology, is there to make our lives comfortable and successful, not complicated. We must use it in a responsible manner.

Ruined cities of our land

Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Yapahuwa, Gadaladeniya and Ambakke are some of the ruined cities of Sri Lanka.

Anuradhapura is one of the most sacred places in the country because the branch of the Bo tree under which the Buddha attained Enlightenment is planted in the Mahamewuna Garden. Anuradhapura which is the first capital of Sri Lanka was founded by King Pandukabhaya. Ruins of many ancient edifices can be seen in Anuradhapura even today.

Sigiriya is a rock fortress built by King Kasyapa. The ruins of the palace can be seen here along with the world famous frescoes, waterways and graffiti walls.

Polonnaruwa too has many ruins. The Parakrama Samudrya situated in Polonnaruwa is symbolic of its grandeur in the past. Yapahuwa was once the Kingdom of King Buwanekabahu. Here too ruins can be seen. Ambakke Devale is famous for its wood carvings.

All these places are precious and important because of their historical and cultural significance. They must be protected. These ruins display the creativeness, patience and skills of our ancestors. We, as Sri Lankans must be proud of these ancient places.

A rainy day

It was a cloudy, dull day. The sky was dark and a chilly wind was blowing. I was on my way to school when suddenly rain drops started falling. As I had no umbrella, I covered my books under my shirt and ran fast to school. The slight drizzle turned into a heavy shower in next to no time. When I reached school I was drenched.

The leaky roof and the spray from the rain made our classroom wet. The tables and chairs were all wet. Most students came late to school and they were also wet like me. There was thunder and lightening too. There was no sign of the heavy shower receding.

The playground, our garden and all the paths were also flooded. We made paper boats and floated them in the water. Then the good news came from the Principal’s office - “Today is a holiday.”

We were all glad and excited. We ran and jumped about in the flood water, splashed water at each other and also threw stones into the pools of water, to watch the ripples with great joy. We had an old football with us so we kicked it over the flooded grounds. It was great fun. Our shirts were covered with mud. It was still raining when we went home by 11 ‘o’ clock. I was wet to my bones.

My father was very cross with me. My mother came running with a towel and dried my hair first. My grandma made me a hot cup of coffee. She feared I might get a headache and fever. She wrenched my ears and said, “You naughty boy”. I didn’t care. I was only thinking of the great fun we had that morning.

My favourite toy

It is a jeep. It is yellow and black. It has big wheels. It has four doors, two white lights. I love my jeep.

What leads to obesity?

Most people eat fast food which contains fat and carbohydrates. Eating too much fat leads to obesity. Some people eat more than they should.

Another cause of obesity is lack of exercise. We do not have time to do exercises as we spend hours in front of the television and computers. Many people travel by vehicles, so hardly any walking is done. In villages, not everyone has vehicles. Therefore, many people walk. As a result most villagers are not obese and are free from diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure. They also do not eat ‘junk’ food.

Another fact that leads to obesity is the type of jobs we do. Many people do not have time to play, exercise or even relax. They work sitting in one place. Sedentary jobs lead to many illnesses too.

Many people work hard and are pressed for time. They eat the wrong food, seated at their desks at times. They do not have time to even to walk about. So, they gain weight.

Another reason is the type of environment, especially in cities. Lack of parks, playgrounds, trails, swimming pools, rivers and side walks, prevent people from going for walks and exercising. Even when facilities such as swimming pools are available, they do not use them because of their hectic lifestyles.

Many do not play football, basketball, badminton and do any running or walking. They do not have time for such activities. In fact, they have no leisure time and freedom. Advertising also is one of the causes of obesity. Commercials and advertisements of food tempt even children to consume a lot of sugary drinks, chocolates, toffees and many other fat and sugar based foods. Therefore, many children have diabetes today.

Obesity is also caused by genes. If there is a family history of obesity, especially if the parents are fat, it is possible that children too could be fat.

So, to avoid obesity, we should control our food and do plenty of exercises.

Obesity is one of the major problems faced by many countries in the west.

I was born in Haggala

I am a tree in the Botanical Gardens at Haggala. It is situated in the Nuwara Eliya district. I have to live in very cold weather. Now I am accustomed to these climate changes, especially the cold weather condition. I am protected by some officials who have been appointed especially to do so. Though many people visit me from all corners of the country, they are not allowed to harm me in any way.

When they sit in my shade, they talk about a lot of things. One thing I understand is that they are jealous of my fruits, leaves and other parts of the body. They also say that if I were born in their garden, they could harass me as they wish. Thanks to all those who protect me from such danger.

Importance of wildlife conservation

Every year, lots of animals and birds are hunted by man, either for food and raw material or for sport. Some animals such as blue whales, rhinoceros, polar bears, dolphins, turtles, certain species of monkeys and birds are facing extinction. Wild animals like the lion, tiger and elephant are also becoming less each year.

On one hand, hunters, kill many of these animals and on the other, forests are being destroyed for cultivation and development programmes, robbing them of their natural habitats.

The loss of habitat has an adverse impact on many animals because they can no longer roam about freely.In addition to the above mentioned factors, the use of insecticides by farmers has also affected their progress. Pollution is another major problems which affects animals, both on land and in the sea.

The world wildlife foundation, which is an international organisation, helps to save wildlife and conserve areas of land and sea where different species of animals are found in abundance.

Sri Lanka is a country rich in wildlife, although it is a small island. The government has opened many sanctuaries like Yala and Wilpattu to protect wild animals. It has also set up a bird sanctuary at Kumana to protect birds.

Every country in the world should take necessary steps to provide facilities to protect animals and birds. We too as children must learn to protect animals, their rights and habitats.


A strange world!

What a pathetic world it would be,
If people could not walk or talk
But trees and flowers could
Both talk and walk and even run

How strange if birds
Could teach and also study,
As man could not do any
Cats and dogs would make a perfect band

How strange if tigers and lions
Could eat fruits and jump and play alike,
Monkeys could catch tigers and lions
Only in play of course!

How strange if dogs could sing like birds
Cats could dance like peacocks,
Bulls and cows do the cha cha,
Oh! How wonderful it would be!

How strange if elephants were like ants
And worked faster than them
And ants were like elephants and no more lethargic,
Wouldn’t it be a fantastic world
And also the end of our poor EARTH!


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