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Cash for Work creates employment opportunities for flood affected

ILO’s Cash for Work program, launched in February in the aftermath of the severe flooding in the Batticaloa District, has helped to generate quick employment opportunities of more than 2,250 work-days for the flood affected. It has provided the communities means to sustain themselves until they engage in their livelihoods and earn sufficient income to support their families.

The program was initiated in Kiran DS Division. Kiran was one of the worst affected with damages to interior roads, culverts, irrigation channels and minor tanks. Although it was planned to rehabilitate two kilometres of access road initially, due to the commitment of the beneficiaries, a total of five kilometres has been cleaned, earth filled, levelled and drainage cut.

On completion of the project, a road, which was considerably damaged, was made accessible by vehicle. In addition to improving mobility of the community, the ILO Cash for Work program benefitted nearly 120 families, and 81 percent of the beneficiaries were women.

The ILO Cash for Work has been well received by the flood-affected people as well as the local authorities. While creating immediate short-term employment it also injects cash in the local economy and stimulates local livelihoods. At the same time, it helps flood-affected people in overcoming mental trauma as it engages them in collective activities for 6-8 hours a day.

Country Director ILO Office Sri Lanka Donglin Li has reaffirmed ILO’s commitment to mobilise more resources to expand the Cash for Work program to other areas to help the flood-affected.



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