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Sunday, 17 April 2011





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Ra-Blue proves his political maturity

Saa-Jeet the Love-Slave is yet to realise Ra-Blue's true political maturity. Barely anybody even in his wildest dreams would have guessed that Kind-Siri, Ga-Yanta and Car-Beer had been deployed as spies by the Green leader. Has Love-Slave even now woken up from him his leadership dream?

Wedding-Sam side-stepped

Wedding-Sam has been thrown from pillar to post again and is even unlikely to become a Woc Com member of the Elephant Party. Though Sam originally dreamt of being the Green organiser that is national, he now doesn't stand even a ghost of a chance of being in the Woc Com.

Kind-Leader all set

Run-Jeet Middle-Bandara's dream of becoming the Green's organiser that is national would be shattered soon. Ra-Blue has now set his latest game plan in motion. Sun Kind-Leader, who strongly backed Ra-Blue in the leadership tussle, is most likely to get the post without much ado.

Captain Fool flummoxed!

Captain Fool got the shock of his life when another former captain said that the gentlemen's game here became corrupt since 1992 with match fixing during a television discussion. Minutes later Captain Fool realised that it was he who led the team in 1992 but kept mum.



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