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Lankan anacondas on display at Mysore Zoo

The Mysore Zoo in India has received five baby Green Anacondas from Sri Lanka.

They are now on display at the first Anaconda Conservation Centre in India.The zoo officials are in touch with the Dehiwala Zoo for their handling and monitoring. The reptiles will need time to get acclimatised with their new environment.All five snakes are aged 15 months and measure between three and four feet and weigh 400 grams to 1.5kg. They comprise three females and two males. The females are slightly bigger than the males.

The zoo authorities selected five anacondas while visiting the National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka.

They were born at the conservation centre in Sri Lanka and there should be no problem in handling them, zoo sources told The Times of India. They will be fed with rats and hamsters.

"The anacondas like fowls, but we are not thinking about feeding them those as yet, for fear of infection," they said.

The lifespan of the anaconda is 20 years and they will grow to about 30ft and weigh 227kg.


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