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International community shouldn't dictate terms - Rohitha Bogollagama

At that time we were just after defeating terrorism. And the EU was pushing for a resolution on similar lines. The strategy was to explain to the world as to how we have got about in countering terrorism in a very transparent manner, because we have never hidden our agenda in defeating terrorism. So when we proposed a counter resolution, it had more favour and we were able to defeat the resolution backed by the EU.

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Voice of the President

'Ensuring protection and security of the woman is the duty of the people'

A daughter ... is always a pride to a father. She is his adorable asset and also the most precious gift that needs protection round-the-clock. The 'father' who made the impossible, possible is a 'father' who always has a special fondness for daughters.The day the world celebrated International Women's Day the 'father' who always says that he is the proud father of the nation's children and youth, reiterated that the duty of society was to ensure the protection of the girl-child.

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