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Clergy's role in preventing alcoholism

The latest report issued by the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board has disturbing information. Their Handbook of Drug Abuse Information – 2011 indicates that “alcohol culture” has clearly penetrated every strata of our society and infiltrated intricately into the social framework of our country.

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Let's banish false reverence for books!

Writing between the lines is quite different from reading between the lines. Unfortunately, even most adults do not know the value of writing between the lines. However, it is not a novel concept. Celebrated historian Lord Macaulay used to annotate all the books he read.

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Thorns on the Side:

Lessons from the rail tragedy

The recent tragic incident whereby a youth fell on to the railway tracks after the train steps apparently gave way has raised concerns about the safety of our public transport systems. There are many versions of the terrible accident and the youth too may have been careless if he tried to alight from a moving train as some media accounts suggest.

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