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Samudrika Shasthraya hevath Hastha Rekha

Renowned astrologer Danister Ranawaka's first ‘Samudrika Shasthraya Hevath Hastha Rekha’ gives a comprehensive description on the art of palm reading and astrology. It is a valuable book for readers who are interested in studying palmistry and astrology.

The book describes how one's marriage, education, profession and wealth could be predicted from the lines on the palms. The material for the book has been collected by the author during his long career as a palmist and astrologer. In fact, very few books of this nature have been written in Sinhala.

Therefore, the book will be of use to those who wish to pursue a career in palmistry and astrology.

According to the book, lines on the palm indicate one's fate. One's fate is sum total of one's good and bad deeds committed in one's previous births. The lines also indicate a person's future. By getting your palm read will help you to avoid misfortunes.

The author advises beginners to study palmistry in depth exercising patience. They should also treat everybody equally irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. A palm reader should possess at least a little knowledge of astrology.

Matara Giant

Nandika Beddegama's latest book for children Matara Giant was launched recently.

This is the story of a big-made man who lived at Ginigasmulla close to Matara. He was a fisherman who used to carry his boat home under his arm pit!

The Sinhala translation of the book Matara Yodaya has also been published simultaneously.


[Book launch]

Mata Landuni Varam Netha

Ajantha Ranasinghe's Sinhala novel Mata Landuni Varam Netha (Latest edition) was relaunched at Dayawansa Jayakody Bookshop, Colombo 10 recently.

It is a Dayawansa Jayakody publication.




Magama Rajadhaniya

Puravidya Chakravarthi Puravidya Paryeshanasuri Ven. Ellawala Medhananda Thera's Magama Rajadhaniya launched at Dayawansa Jayakody Bookshop, Colombo 10 recently. It is a Dayawansa Jayakody publication.


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