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May Day rallies are held in many countries

May Day - a workers’ celebration

“Workers of the World Unite!” You might have heard this rallying cry many times and almost invariably on May Day. Workers toil hundreds of days a year and May Day, or Labour Day, as it is known in some countries, is the only day dedicated to them worldwide. It is the day when workers come together to champion their rights and raise their voice for better working conditions.

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It's all in the mind!

Almost all the leading religions and philosophies have paid close attention to the mind. Their approaches may be different, but the fact remains that the theories and views offered to the layman are quite mind boggling. It is not easy to understand the nature and location of the mind without which no human activity is possible.

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Thorns on the Side

The cup that cheers

In neighbouring India, “a storm in a tea cup” is brewing over a decision to name tea as the country’s National Drink. India’s Planning Commission Deputy Singh Ahluwalia said recently that tea would be declared India's national drink by April next year.

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