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Working class unity vital to face challenges - D.E.W. Gunasekara

There was general acceptance those days that a strike is the last weapon. First you write, and then you picket, demonstrate, meet the Minister and then the Prime Minister and so on. And exhausting all the processes then finally they resort to strike. Today it is not that,

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New wage structure after proper study - Minister Lokuge

Wages already recommended by the Wages Boards are being scrutinised in the context of current economic conditions by an expert committee. The Government will introduce a new wages structure after studying the issues,

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UN finds of cluster munitions in Sri Lanka, a canard - Asian Tribune

The Asian Tribune concludes that the sensationalised news report ‘UN finds cluster munitions in Sri Lanka,’ is a canard and nothing else. I personally took the trouble to contact all those involved in that news report, and to go into the bottom of it,

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Colourful lanterns to brighten Vesak

Boon for lantern and bucket manufacturers:

A star class tourist hotel at Hikkaduwa had organised a Vesak lantern competition among foreign tourists who stayed in the hotel on Vesak day. About 30 foreigners, took part in the competition. Many of them were from Germany and France. The foreign visitors were very happy to take part in such a competition held for the first time in Sri Lanka. They were delighted with the competition and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

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