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UNP, a puppet of British imperialism - JVP trade union leader K.D. Lal Kantha

* No political deal with Fonseka

* We will not invite any political leaders

K.D. Lal Kantha

The inaugural ceremony to launch the anti-imperialist social movement will be held today at 10 am at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, said Former Parliamentarian and Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Politburo member K.D. Lal Kantha.

The Sunday Observer discussed the contemporary political situation and the country's future with JVP Trade Union leader.

Excerpts of the interview:

Q: The government came to power with a landslide victory. At present the Opposition seems to be very feeble. Is the Opposition leadership really weak? Are the people satisfied with the performance of the government.

A: It is true that the government was elected to power with a popular mandate. The performance of the Opposition is dismal in Parliament and the public platform. There is a wide-spread frustration among people specially the lower segments of the society and the working class. The JVP's strength cannot be measured by its Parliamentary representation.

The JVP did not contest elections from 1965-1978 as the party was banned from 1978-83. Only after 1994 the JVP contested the elections.

Throughout its history the JVP took the leadership of all mass struggles. In many cases the JVP won its struggles. The government had to abandon the proposed implementation of the private sector pension scheme due to the opposition of the working class.

The government also could not go ahead with a number of issues due to strong opposition of the working class.

Q: During the last election there were only two political forces. President Mahinda Rajapaksa led the main political movement while there was the Opposition to him led by others. Today the Opposition organizations are split and remain for apart.

A: The JVP has fully understood the present political scenario. There is a large gap between the capitalist and the neo liberal political parties while the aspirations of the people remain unfulfilled.

The failure to handle political economic and social issues effectively and the rising threat of the foreign powers to the country continue to be the two major issues. This situation needs an urgent solution. A new political orientation and solutions to the burning issues are the needs of the hour. Having understood this situation the JVP has laid the foundation for a new anti imperialist socialist movement. The JVP has marked with people's movements such as civil societies, academics, intelligent and working class.

Q: With the new political movement being set up what kind of program will be implemented in the country?

A: the JVP visualises a socialist society. We have various strategies to achieve this. Our future activities will be based on the new political movement. We are confident that the people's victory could be ensured through this new political movement.

Q: How would the UNP, SLFP and the traditional leftist parties such as LSSP and CP react to your new political movement.

A: Our new socialist movement is not a mere political alliance. We had given the leadership to a new political alliance in 2003 due to the threat of Eelam posed by the Ceasefire Agreement.

Today the situation is different since the aspirations of the people are not properly addressed. We will not invite any leaders of the political parties.

Instead we invite only the people who seek and dream of a movement to overcome the present situation and to achieve socialism.

We are not concerned with the policies of other political parties in regard to certain issues. For example all traditional political parties agree with the merits of decentralization on communal basis.

We maintain the policy that there is no ethnic problem as such in the country. It is in fact a national problem. We believe that the solution for all those problems could be achieved only through the people's struggle.

Q: What you say is that you would appeal only to the rank and file of political parties and social organisations.

A: The UNP is a puppet of the British imperialism and when JR came to power he made the UNP a full-pledged capitalist party based on the US model. The rank and file of the UNP have told us that they remain as silent observers within the party awaiting a change in the situation. Our new political movement, I believe is the ideal forum for such disgusted political elements.

Q: All political parties except JVP agree to a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to seek a solution to the ethnic issue. What is the JVP's stand on this issue?

A: We do not wish to take part in the PSC proceedings since it seeks a solution to the issue only on communal basis. We reject this approach outright. We also believe that the outcome of such a committee will be a waste of time.

Above all the government should let us know what it proposes as a solution.

There is no meaning in holding round-table talks or PSC's without presenting the government's solution.

Q: the latest development is the release of former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka. What is the JVP's stand on this?

A: Sarath Fonseka and JVP had an understanding in 2003 to introduce a democratic constitution abolishing the 1978 Executive Presidency. The DNA was formed mainly to seek Fonseka's release from prison since the UNP left Sarath Fonseka in the lurch, the necessity arose to continue his democratic program.

We cannot have any political deal with him at this juncture unless and until we get a thorough understanding of his political economic and social perspectives.


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