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Government Gazette

UN Peacekeepers Day on Tuesday:

A global partnership for peace

At times it can be harder to keep the peace than winning it. All over the world, there are many conflicts which have shattered the ideal of peace. Some conflicts go on, while others have ended either through military action or negotiations. However, peace does not ‘happen’ overnight in instances where conflicts have dragged on for years.

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Parabhava Sutta:

Factors leading to ruin

The Buddha was an embodiment of virtue. He conquered the world with compassion, kindness and wisdom. Buddhism is not only a religion, but a great philosophy – a way of life. Buddhist philosophy helps mould character. What is Buddhist philosophy? In a nutshell it is:

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Inculcating values among citizens in nation building

Life flowers best in situations where collaboration and partnership with others is the norm, and where there is mutual trust and understanding. This is true when you are engaged with people in the pursuit of changing environments and values.

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