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A scene from Suddek Oba Amathai

The female stand:

Alone but not abandoned

Udayasiri Wickremaratne’s theatrical creation ‘Suddek Oba Amathai’ has received mixed responses from critics and reviewers over the course of its run on stages across the country. Some have questioned whether it is in fact a play at all, whereas others have hailed it as a bold innovative work of modernity that adds much ingenuity to the local stagecraft.

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Modern Iranian cinema and classical Persian poetry

Iran has a rich cultural tradition extending over thousands of years. At the same time, modern Iranian cinema has begun to generate a great deal of interest among international audiences committed to serious art cinema. Is there a visible connection between these two sentences?

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Cultural Scene:

Hindi and nation building

In this week’s column, I explore the vital role that Hindi played in the Indian independence struggle and how it assumes its present pre-eminen position among Indian languages. In a way, the growth and spread of Hindi is phenomenal and is intrinsically linked with India’s independence struggle.

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