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Injecting ‘imported’ solutions wil hamper reconciliation:

Sri Lanka needs only true friends

It has been little over three years since Sri Lanka eradicated terrorism. In doing so, the Security Forces have created a peaceful environment for all communities to live in harmony.

However, external forces seem to be not too happy with the stable situation in the country and its forward march. Sri Lanka’s economy, which was in a near collapse when the LTTE terrorism was at its best, has shown an unprecedented improvement during the last couple of years.

But certain countries in the West seem to be unhappy over the positive developments here. They apparently do not like to see the Sinhalese and Muslims live peacefully with Tamils.

Certain powerful countries in the West would like to see more problems in emerging countries so that they could maintain their upper hand forever and meddle with internal affairs of those countries.

Hence, certain countries and international organisations still exert pressure on Sri Lanka. While levelling war crimes allegation based on their own concocted stories, they attempt to meddle with internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

Certain countries and top state officials of the West have even gone to the extent of connecting Sri Lanka’s reconciliation process with a so-called investigation of war crimes allegations.

Needless to say that all these parties were fast asleep when all Sri Lankans, irrespective of their ethnic and religious affiliations, were at the receiving end due to the barbaric acts of LTTE terrorists. Once again, we would like to open their eyes, highlighting one of the most inhuman acts of Tiger terrorists exactly six years ago.

Sixty four innocent civilians including 15 children were killed and 87 others injured as the LTTE detonated twin claymore mines targeting a jam-packed civilian bus plying from Kanugahawewa to Kebithigollewa on June 15, 2006 around 8 a.m Innocent villagers from villages of Yakawewa, Halmillewa, Kanugahawewa, Thalgahawewa and Nikawewa in the far end of the Anuradhapura district were killed in the claymore attack. It was unfortunate that those who now make a song and dance over human rights of LTTE terrorists killed in action, kept mum on this barbaric act which also killed 15 children on Fathers’ Day.

The LTTE launched twin side-charger claymore mines targeting the civilian passenger bus belonging to the CTB using a remote control device even after the Army and the home guards cleared the road around 6.45 a.m. on that fatal day.

The UNHRC who often talk about incidents against mankind was apparently worried little over the indiscriminate killing seen as the most serious violent act perpetrated against civilians by the LTTE during the Norway-brokered Ceasefire Agreement in 2002.

All those who were either killed or injured were hapless civilians from remote villages.

The bus was the only mode of public transport for the villagers to reach Kebithigollewa for their daily needs. Most of them were attending the Kebithigollewa hospital children’s clinic.

Some of the dead and injured children were heading for tuition classes for that Year Grade 5 Scholarship examination. Among the dead was an extended family of 35 who were going for a funeral in Vavuniya. Around 40 others in the bus were also attending the same funeral.

Two weeks prior to the incident, the LTTE gunned down 13 Sinhala villagers, execution style, in Welikanda.

These are only a few of the numerous terror acts committed by the LTTE during their three decades of terror which robbed lives of over hundred thousand people while inflicting untold misery to millions of people.

Why couldn’t the so-called godfathers of global battle against terrorism see these cruel acts of LTTE? It appears to have two types of terrorism for them, one to the West and another to this part of the world.

Perhaps, that may be the reason that they go all out to cleanse Al Qaeda terrorists while asking people in countries such as Sri Lanka to suffer for ever while having peace talks forever.

That is precisely why President Rajapaksa once stated that there can’t be two types of definition to terrorism and that there are no good terrorists and bad terrorists. It was due to the dynamic and fearless leadership of President Rajapaksa, coupled with the untiring efforts of the Security Forces, that all Sri Lankans are enjoying peace today.

People in the North and the East, who have been subjected to untold hardships for nearly three decades have begun a new lease of life. They are least bothered about the land or police powers, as demanded by opportunist Tamil politicians.

All what the people in the North and the East need is a secured future with improved living conditions.

These are the people who have been subjected to untold privations for many years and many of them had been kept by the LTTE as a human shield. They are peace-loving people who would like to coexist with fellow Sinhalese and Muslims.

Unfortunately, certain Tamil politicians, who were mere LTTE puppets when the Tigers were in control, now talk about police and land powers. But the aspirations of ordinary people living in the North and the East far different to that of the TNA, which was remote-controlled by Prabhakaran when his terror outfit was at its best.

Certain Western countries and a few international organisations are attempting to push Sri Lanka back to that dark era, so that they could come back as peace brokers and pontificate to us on how our leaders should run the country.

They do not wish to see stability in Sri Lanka and its economic prosperity. They feel that they could easily meddle with Sri Lanka’s internal affairs if we continue to live with problems.

President Rajapaksa, despite being warned by the Scotland Yard police on unruly pro-LTTE protesters, emerged like a true hero from London Hilton to address a group of patriotic Sri Lankans who demonstrated against LTTE terrorism and to support the Government.

The President had said that he will not allow any force to snatch away the hard-earned peace and freedom.

It was commendable act by the President, who went up to the pro-Sri Lankan protestors ignoring the large number of shouting pro-LTTE demonstrators in the close proximity.

Despite cautioning by the UK’s Scotland Yard of the very violent nature of the pro-LTTE protest, President Rajapaksa met Sri Lankan expatriates and assured that he is ready to do anything to safeguard sovereignty of Motherland.

We all know that the now defunct LTTE has been a banned terrorist organisation in many countries, including the UK. How come then the pro-LTTE supporters carry flags with the emblem of LTTE gather in the vicinity of the Hilton Hotel, Park Street, London? Since the LTTE is a banned organisation in the European Union, those countries should not allow anybody to use their territories to any activity that supports the terror outfit, let alone carry the LTTE flag. Perhaps, certain countries in the West may be having other ideas, although the LTTE is still a banned organisation in their countries.

Meanwhile, Michele Sison, the nominee to be the next United States ambassador to Sri Lanka, has apparently connected the reconciliation process with other matters.

At US Senate confirmation hearing last week, she has said that Sri Lanka’s reconciliation process has been slowed down as “serious allegations of violation of international human rights law committed” during the humanitarian operation are yet to be investigated. She echoed the State Department’s confirmed policy toward Sri Lanka declaring “One cannot have true reconciliation without that accountability”.

Sri Lanka made its own battle against the world’s most ruthless terrorist outfit.

There were only a handful of friendly countries that came to support the country at that time.

Now that the peace has dawned under the illustrious leadership of President Rajapaksa, there are enough and more self-appointed advisors emerging from international arena.

The President and the Government know the right decisions that they have to make it at the right time.

Other countries need not meddle with internal affairs of a sovereign state.

Sri Lanka has its own home-grown solution to the grievances of the people living in the North and the East.

Hence, the world must allow Sri Lanka to make its own reconciliation process and find its own local solutions. Injecting ‘imported’ solutions by force would seriously hamper the reconciliation process and would put the county’s hard-earned peace in danger.

It is a relief that Sri Lanka has a leader who understands all these and cares for his people more than any other.

On the other hand, will foreigners care for people in Sri Lanka more than our leaders do? We must carefully analyse why these external forces are so concerned about Sri Lanka’s internal matters.

Our earnest request to the world is to allow Sri Lanka to settle its internal problems.

If they are so concerned about Sri Lanka and the well-being of people in the North and the East, they must make a tangible contribution for the development process in those two provinces. Sri Lanka only needs true friends and not arbitrators!


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