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Capturing our canine friends

Part II

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 2

One of the biggest problems in drawing animals is getting close enough to them to see and study them clearly. As soon as you settle down to draw, the creature is likely to run away. So, it is vital to get into the habit of sketching as rapidly as you can and jot down in writing all the things about the animal that you may not have time to capture. However, you may have to use photographs too at times to get an accurate picture. Observe the drawing on Figure 1.

The sketches were done after drawing several quick pencil roughs, then working on the best of them with pen and ink. When drawing with pencil, try sharpening the pencil to a tapering point so that you can make full use of the lead as well as the tip to build up the texture of fur. To begin with, try to capture the essence of your subject in a few well-chosen lines. The soft pencil is much more suited for a bold approach. Begin by building a basic shape for each animal. When you are satisfied, complete it with pen and ink.

There are so many different breeds that you can draw such as Cocker Spaniel, Grey Hound and Border Collie to name a few. Some of the highly skilled animals are worth a small fortune for their remarkable abilities. They are intelligent, obedient creatures who make good pets.

Study the sketches in Figure 2. They are of a Cocker Spaniel. You will notice that I have used a controlled scribble to show the dark (brown) coat markings. Notice how much white I have left showing through. Working from photographs will allow you to practise at your own pace. Figure 2 will also show how the different lengths and quality of hair can be done without going into too much detail.

Copy these illustrations in your usual way by starting with a sound basic shape. However, you will find that a soft pencil makes the job simple in practising and that you can obtain tone and texture to a very high standard.



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