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Killing of Canadian Tamil in Kilinochchi:

Pro-Tiger media spin another yarn

Another allegation which was levelled by LTTE and pro LTTE media particularly the Tamil net in a vigorous propaganda campaign against the Security Forces and the Govt. of Sri Lanka blaming that both Security Forces and the government were responsible for the killing of the Anthonypillai Jeyakumar, a Canadian national, in Sri Lanka on 3rd March 2012 was exposed.

According to investigations carried out by the authorities an Ex-LTTE cadre had carried out the killing with his illicit lover, J Arniya having the ambition of stealing the victim's money.

As per extensive investigations, the victim was a Sri Lankan born Canadian citizen who is married and having three children settled in Canada. The victim was a frequent visitor to Sri Lanka and has commenced to build a house at "Anthonypilai Farms", Kumarikuda in Paranthan, Kilinochchi. Yahugnanam (Alias Rajah), who is residing in a house next to the construction site had provided meals for the victim on a daily basis. The victim had his last meal at 2015 hrs on 3 May 2012 at Yahugnanam's house and left for his residence. That is the time when the suspects had entered victim's house and hacked Anthoneypillai to death.

According to the statement given to the police by Rajah, he had heard somebody was shouting his name and when he tried to go out from his house, another person had warned him not to move out. Therefore, without visiting the place, he phoned Nagendran Ambagapalan, the Grama Niladhari of Kilinochchi. Subsequently, the Grama Niladhari reported the incident to the Police on the same night around 2150 hrs by telephone.

The Police had commenced investigations immediately and arrested a group of suspects involved in the murder, A. Akilan (27) of Paranthan who is a former LTTE combatant, A Anandarasa (22), N Balendran (24) Pradeepkumar (20) all of Vavuniya and J Arniya (26) of Paranthan, the wife of Rajah.

Police also recovered a laptop belonging to the victim, iron bars, an axe used for the murder and a telephone removed from the victim's possession (the suspects had tried to burn the phone).

Akilan, a former LTTE cadre who had undergone rehabilitation process in Vavuniya had developed a relationship with J Arniya the wife of the Yahugnanam (alias Rajah), who makes the daily meals for the victim.

As per Arniya's statement given to the Police, she had a dispute with the victim over a financial matter and has sought assistance from Akilan to kill Anthonypillai informing Akilan that Anthonypillai is in possession of 2 million rupees in cash. Accordingly, the conspiracy has come to light that the murder was planned by Akilan having obtained all information pertaining to the movements of the victim from J Arniya. It is also revealed that the other suspects that Akilan had attempted three times to assassinate Anthonypillai and Anandarasa until they succeeded, on 03 May 2012. All the suspects were produced before the Magistrate Kilinochchi on 24 May 2012 and investigations are being continued under case No. B 22812.

The early revelation of the murder of Eshwaradasan Ketheeswaran, a UK deportee and the arbitrary killing of Anthonypillai Jeyakumar, brings to light what pro LTTE media are propagating across the world against the Security Forces and the government of Sri Lanka by misleading the international community with nothing but bare faced lies.

It is high time that these LTTE pro media spin doctors to remove their coloured spectacles and look at the Tamil community, the efforts taken by the government of Sri Lanka to uplift the lives of innocent Tamil civilians and realize the truth, without lettering alibis and fairytales.

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