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Corporal punishment, not the best mode of discipline

Child Development and Women's Affairs Minister Tissa Karalliyadda expressing concern over dangerous types of corporal punishment meted out by school teachers to students said that children should be disciplined without using any type of harmful physical punishment.

The Minister paid special attention to a recent incident where a deputy principal of a school in Gampaha was assaulted by a parent for reprimanding his daughter, (a student in the school) for not wearing the uniform to the prescribed length, shaving eyebrows and also applying nail polish.

Minister Karalliyadda told the Junior Observer that such incidents would not happen if Parent - Teachers Associations (PTAs) conduct meetings on a regular basis to bridge the gap between teachers, parents and students and strengthen their understanding of their specific roles .

He said educating students about school regulations by teachers is very important rather than imposing strict rules and forcing them to refrain from bad habits and behaviour.

Recalling his school days at Nalanda College, Colombo, the Minister said teachers and principals in the olden days warned children about proper conduct and achieved results by using only canes. No harsh physical punishments had been carried out at any time.

He therefore urged school teachers to refrain from resorting to corporal punishment as this could not only cause severe injuries to children but also result in some of them giving up future educational activities .

School boy invents eco-friendly duster

A Didula Loliya with his invention.

A Didula Loliya, a 11-year-old Grade 6 student of St. Mary's College, Matugama has invented an eco-friendly duster which protects teachers and students from chalk dust.

When the duster is used, the dust is collected inside a box preventing its spread.

He won a certificate at a competition for young inventors and photographers held at the C.W.W. Kannangara National School, Matugama recently. He told the Junior Observer, "I was inspired to invent the duster for three reasons. My class teacher gets ill very often due to chalk dust .Recently my left eye was operated and the doctors said chalk dust is extremely harmful during the post operation period.

Apart from that, teachers spend money to buy whiteboard markers which are very expensive. So, if we have a protective way of using chalk, it is ideal for writing purposes.

First, I hope to manufacture some dusters for my school. They can be manufactured at less than Rs: 300 each. I have applied for a patent license from the authorities.

News in Brief

Colombo planetarium to be revamped

The Government has taken measures to improve the facilities at the country's only planetarium in Colombo. The Full Dome Project System will project the universe as a 3-dimensional space.The upgrade will be made on the recommendation of the Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee at a cost of US$ 1.33 million.

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a proposal made by Minister of Technology and Research, Pavithra Wanniarachchi to award a contract for the supply and installation of a 4D/digital Full Dome Project System.

The planetarium, which was built in 1965 as an exhibit for an industrial exhibition, mostly serves in educating school children.


Vehicle horn noises to be monitored

The Central Environment Authority (CEA) of Sri Lanka is to commence noise level monitoring as soon as the Motor Traffic Act is amended.

CEA Chairman, Charitha Herath has said that noise level monitoring would be implemented once noise pollution is included in the Motor Traffic Act.

Steps will be taken by the CEA to purchase 100 noise level monitoring metres at a cost of Rs.30 million to check the noise levels of vehicle horns. The CEA is to distribute monitoring machines among the police and Motor Traffic Department as the monitoring would be carried out by them.

According to the Gazette, the noise level of vehicle horns should not exceed 105 decibels at a distance of two metres and 93 decibels at a distance of seven metres .Therefore, horns will be tested at seven metre and two metre distances.

Asthma, third highest killer in Sri Lanka

Medical Specialists of the Colombo Chest Clinic say, over two million Sri Lankans are presently suffering from asthma.They comprise 25 per cent of children and 10 per cent of adults. Asthma has increased in Sri Lanka by 50 per cent during the past 10 years.

Addressing a seminar at the Health Education Bureau recently to mark the World No Tobacco Day they said asthma is the third highest killer in Sri Lanka. Over 300 million in the world suffer from asthma which can be cured through long term treatment.

According to them, treatment is available in Sri Lanka for asthma.





Special police units to protect artefacts

Police have set up a special unit to provide security to ancient artefacts.

The special unit has been established to protect archaeological sites and artefacts and prevent illegal excavation work in these areas.

The police have established five sub units under this new division in Kandy, Trincomalee, Ampara, Kurunegala and Anuradhapura Districts.Each of the units would monitor the areas for any violation of laws related to archaeological sites and artefacts.

According to Police spokesperson ,Superintendent of Police, Ajith Rohana these units would work under the supervision of the Deputy Inspector General of Police of the respective area.and an Inspector of Police or a Chief Inspector of Police would be appointed as the officer in-charge of the respective police units.

Minister of National Heritage, Dr. Jagath Balasuriya last week said in parliament that 1,381 people have been arrested for treasure hunting, robberies, illegal excavations, and selling of antiques. The laws regarding the country's archaeological treasure will be amended to increase the penalties for those who violate the laws.


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