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Pakistan skipper Imran Khan disappointed with shoddy display

FLASHBACK: "I was ashamed to be part of the team," said Pakistan skipper Imran Khan on the final day of the third Cricket Test against Sri Lanka at the Saravanamuttu Stadium. The Test ended in a draw and Imran was referring to Pakistan's bad fielding in the match.

Asanka Gurusinha – scored 116 not out in Sri Lanka’s second innings of 323 for 3 wickets and with Arjuna Ranatunga (135 not out) had a mammoth partnership of 240 runs for the unbeaten fourth wicket stand in the second innings.

Rameez Raja – scored elegant 122 in Pakistan first innings total of 318.


Arjuna Ranatunga – scored 135 not out in Sri Lanka’s second innings score of 323 for 3 wickets. He also batted well in the first innings to score 53 in total of 281 runs.


Pakistan fielded like a pak of novices on the final day of the match.

The Pakistanis dropped many catches. Arjuna Ranatunga enjoyed most of them. He made 135 not out in the second innings and with youngster Asanka Gurusinha (116 not out) the pair set a record unbeaten fourth-wicket stand of 240. Ranatunga batted the whole of the fifth day until the match was called off after the 10th mandatory over.

Arjuna Ranatunga was dropped five times at 10, 12, 25, 26, and 94 and those catches were not difficult ones either. Pakistan who were on the fringe of victory on the fourth day when Sri Lanka was three down for 83, let slip the chances go.

Ranatunga and Gurusinha - unbeaten 'tons'

On the fifth day Pakistan toiled hard without any rewards, as Ranatunga and Gurusinha batted through the final day to raise the Sri Lanka total to 323 for 3 wickets.

Sri Lanka made 281 in the first innings to Pakistan's 318. Three youngsters took the honours in this Test.

Ravi Ratnayake had a haul of 4 for 116 in Pakistan first innings total of 318.


Imran Khan – A versatile paceman bagged 4 for 69 in Sri Lanka’s first innings total of 281 and took 2 for 56 in Sri Lanka’s 2nd innings score of 323 for 3 wickets. He scored 33 in Pakistan total of 318.

One was Rameez Raja who made 122 when Pakistan batted and the other two were Sri Lanka's Asanka Gurusinha who made 116 not out and third was Arjuna Ranatunga who made 135 not out. Gurusinha and Ranatunga were involved in an unbeaten fourth-wicket partnership of 240 runs in the second innings.

Rameez Raja marvellous

Rameez Raja played a marvellous knock of 122 (6 hours 20 minutes). The Pakistan batsmen threw away their wickets until Imran Khan joined Rameez Raja. Pakistan were 87 for 4 wickets, but they recovered to 158 for 5 wickets with Salim Malik (29) and Rameez Raja involved in a fifth-wicket partnership of 71 runs. However, it was the partnership between Rameez Raja and Imran Khan (33) which realised 76 runs for the sixth wicket that finally helped Pakistan to squeeze out a first innings lead of 37 runs.

Rameez's show here certainly made Pakistan happy. They found a suitable replacement for Zaheer Abbas, who announced his retirement in 1985.

Imran Khan sound knock

Imran Khan too batted well and it was a refreshing feature to see the Pakistan skipper setting down for a long innings.

When Sri Lanka batted first, Skipper Duleep Mendis made a half-century. Arjuna Contributed 53 runs and Sri Lanka made 281 runs. Of the Pakistan bowlers Imran Khan had 4 for 69 and Zakir khan 3 for 80 and Abdul Qadir 2 for 56.

Though Ranatunga made the top score of 135 not out, it was Asanka Gurusinha who was technically the better of the two. This was Gurusinha's third Test for Sri Lanka and he batted with full authority.


S. Wettimuny c Raja b Akram				00
R. Mahanama c Zulqarnain b Qadir			41
A. Gurusinha c Zulqarnain b Imran			39
A. Ranatunga c Imran b Zakir				53
A. De Silva c Mohsin b Zakir				16
L.R.D. Mendis c Zulqarnain b Imran			58
J.R. Ratnayake c Miandad b Zakir			07
R.G. De Alwis b Imran					18 
A.L.F. De Mel not out					14
D. Anurasiri b Imran					08
K. Amalean lbw b Qadir					02
Extras (b-7,lb-9, nb-3,w-6)				25
Total						       281

Fall of wickets: 1-12, 2-79, 3-109, 4-149, 5-202, 6-218
		 7-251, 8-260, 9-272
Bowling: Imran Khan 32-11-69-4
	 Wasim Akram 22-8-41-1
	 Zakir Khan 24-6-80-3
	 Mudassar Nazar 7-2-19-0
	 Abdul Qadir 23.5-3-56-2

Mudassar Nazar c De Alwis b De Mel			08
Mohsin Khan lbw b Amalean				12
Qasim Omar c De Alwis b Ravi Ratnayake			19
Javed Miandad lbw b Amalean				23
Rameez Raja lbw b Ravi Ratnayake		       122
Salim Malik c Sub b Ravi Ratnayake			29
Imran Khan  c De Alwis b Ranatunga			33
Abdul Qadir b Amalean					20
Zulqarnain c De Alwis b Ravi Ratnayake			13
Wasim Akram run out					11
Zakir Khan not out 					00
Extras (b10,lb8,nb9,w1)					28
Total						       318

Fall of wickets: 1-24, 2-32, 3-49, 4-87, 5-158, 6-234, 7-279
		 8-305, 9-318
Bowling: A. de Mel 27-3-90-1
	 K. Amalean 18.1-1-59-3
	 Ravi Ratnayake 30-4-116-4
	 Don Anurasiri 15-11-9-0
	 A. Ranatunga 11-5-26-1

S. Wettimuny C. Raja b Akram				14
R. Mahanama b Imran					04 
A. Gurusinha not out				       116
A de Silva c Miandad b Imran				25
A. Ranatunga not out				       135
Extras: (b19,lb7,nb2,w1)				29
Total (for 3 wkts)				       323

Fall of Wickets; 1-18,2-18, 3-83
Bowling: Imran khan 25-4-56-2
	 Wasim Akram 29-11-72-1
	 Zakir Khan 21-4-70-0
	 Mudassar Nazar 10-2-29-0
	 Abdul Qadir 22-5-70-0
	 Salim Malik 1-1-0-0


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