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Suffering in silence:

When children abuse parents

Suppose you are one of those affected parents! What do you do when everything you say is criticised, doubted or considered a lie, an example of unjustified victimhood and wrong? What do you do when everything you say is criticised because it was not said in a particular way, or was said at the wrong time, in the wrong tone or because it was said at all? What do you do when saying nothing at all elicits the same accusations?

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Are we losing our passion for work?

Great philosophers and thinkers have expressed divergent views on many matters affecting life. However, all of them agree on one point i.e., wise people never seek fame or worldly success. For them, success is an edifice that might crumble at any time.

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When pirates roamed the seas

When Jim Hawkins sets off as a cabin boy on the ‘Hispaniola’, he anticipates to discover esteemed treasure buried. But he little perceives what awaits him - spine chilling adventure on Treasure Island and murderous struggles with Long John silver and his cut-throat pirate band.

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