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Spectacular sunrise and sunset

The transition from black, deep blue, grey, pearly lemon and orange of the sunrise at Grand Canyon in Arizona, to pink, salmon colours, reds and crimson of the sunset will make you gasp or hold your breath as long as possible, twice a day, once in the morning and then at evening.

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Revisiting Orientalism:

Pioneers of modern Orientalism

Continuing the series, in this week’s column we examine pioneers in modern Orientalism and how they shaped the discipline. According to Said, two greatest pioneers of modern Orientalism were Silvestre de Sacy and Ernest Renan.

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Two hearts beat as one

Kandy was in full glory of springtime when music lovers flocked to hear one of the world's leading violinists very ably supported and not second to him, at the piano lending him unparalled back-up to bring out the cream of the masters they opted to play that evening.

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