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Sunday Observer: Official media partner - Asia Super Model 2012

A passion for modelling

Unlike a few decades ago, today, fashion is not something that only exists in dresses, rather it has become a lifestyle. Fashion has to do with ideas; not only the way we dress but also the way we live and the day-to-day behaviour have become a type of fashion. Fashion is always of the time in which you live. It is not something that stands alone.

Talking about fashion trends, the next thing which comes to mind is models, who display the changing fashions from time to time. The modelling industry has now become one of the best money-generating industries in the world. Though in Sri Lanka the situation is slightly different, a positive trend has been created among passionate youth around the world who chose their profession in modelling.

Asia Super Model Contest 2012 is a good opportunity for the Sri Lankan fashion models who are involved with the industry already as well for the energetic, good looking youth who have the enthusiasm to get into the modelling industry.

Though Asia Super Model Contest was started in 2006; it is the first time that Sri Lanka could get the opportunity to take part in the contest. The National Director of Asia Super Model Contest is Jayantha Weerasinghe. The Sunday Observer is the official media partner of the event. Talking about the upcoming model selection for the Asia Super Model contest 2012 which will be held in China, Jayantha Weerasinghe said:

"This is the very first time that Sri Lankan contestants will get the chance to participate in Asia Super Model Contest 2012 in China from September 1 - 18. It will be a great opportunity for Sri Lankan models who are already in the field and also for those who have the passion towards the field but not got the opportunity yet to showcase their talents. We are planning to send two models to represent Sri Lanka in the competition once we do the selections".

There's a special criteria to select the models for the competition. For modelling, beauty is not the first priority, but the height and body shape are very important. Therefore, our main priority is height which is a minimum level of 5' 6" and figure and the competition is open for girls between 18 to 24 years. This time Singapore is not going to take part in the competition because last year the shortest contestants were from Singapore which violated the competition requirements. Therefore, we would strictly follow their requirements and will send the best two models of the country, who have the potential to bring some recognition to the country," Jayantha said.

The Asian Super Model Contest was launched in May 2006 and at that time there were only China, Japan and Korea which participated in the event. However, the contest became popular among the Asian countries and today there are 15 Asian countries taking part in the contest.

Asian Super Model Contest is organised by China Fashion Designers Association, Guangxi TV and China Bentley Culture Development Co. Ltd. The spectacular contest is broadcast by Guangxi TV to the whole nation. There is a 60 million audience watching the contest through TV and internet. The contest is the bridge that promotes communication and the fashion industry in Asia.

This year 14 Asian countries will participate in the Asia Super Model Contest and five of them are participating in the event for the first time. They include Sri Lanka, Russia, Bashkirstan, Uzbekistan, Dubai and Tadzhikistan. The other ten Asian countries are China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, India and Vietnam."So, we encourage all the young girls who think they have the ability and passion for modelling and who look forward to find their real place according to their talents, not only within the country but in Asia as well at international level".

"Though the closing date for applications was on July 12 we still would like to keep it open the path for those who have a real interest to take part in the competition with the relevant requirements.

Therefore, anybody who is interested can still apply through our website and our facebook profile. Our main intention is to have a top quality show locally and send the selected best two models for the competition which will be held in China in September this year," he said.


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