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The ancient and the modern – Teachers’ Day

Guru Pournima of ancient times and Teachers’ Day of today):

In Hindu tradition, a perfect fully blossomed lotus flower with its bud bowing low in obeisance before it is the delicate picture that portrays Guru Pournima – a symbolic expression by the artist who describes the Guru-sishya relationship.

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Richard Wright and the Third World

[Part 2]

In Richard Wright’s work pertaining to the problems and experiences of the Third World, we find an interesting interplay of attitudes and viewpoints. On the one hand, he was deeply aware of the wounds that colonialism had inflicted, at times permanently, on the psyches of the subjugated peoples, twisting their lives in unhappy ways.

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Cultural scene

Revisiting Orientalism:

Lexicography and imagination

In this week’s column, we, briefly, examine how lexicography and imagination was appropriated to further consolidate Orientalism as a career. What Said describes as Orientalism is, in a broader sense of the term, a school of thinking which has been developed as a result of diverse encounters between the West and the East,

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