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Security is provided to the excavation site round-the-clock


Pahiyangala rock caves:

Excavations reveal 37,000-year civilisation

The wonderful scenery of the mountain ranges, the peaceful environment created by the extensive ranges of forests and multi-coloured foliage and the greenery which surrounds the well-known Pahiyangala natural mountain captures the eye of any nature observers.

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Maha Mangala Sutta:

The great discourse to lead a happy life

The Maha Pirith Poth Vahanse, belongs to the Chatubhanavara (Pali). It is a text held in the highest esteem, by Buddhist all over the world. According to the great chronicle the Mahawamsa, at the time of Upatissa I, (end of 4th century A.C.), Sri Lanka was badly afflicted with famine and disease.

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SAARC’s sacred salute to Sri Lanka

“Archaeological studies of religion increasingly recognise religion as an organising principle in social life, rather than as a separate sphere of activity. They include religion as an axis of identity, that structures social life and personal experience”.

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