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Sunday, 3 March 2013





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Government Gazette
A safer world for all women and girls

Friday is International Women’s Day:

It’s time to end violence against women

These are just a few of the ghastly headlines which had been assaulting our senses over the past few months. The common thread that runs through all these major news stories, reported from Sri Lanka and the region, is that they are all instances of serious violence against women and girls.

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Democracy as a way of life

Every human being is an embodiment of an ideal, and has a mission to perform in life. As long as he keeps to that ideal, that person prospers spiritually, socially and economically. Wishful thinking – the longing to change the present world's political system into a different and better future – is often ridiculed,

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A worldwide web of communication, but staff must get back in the office

It could rank as one of the supreme ironies of the internet age. Silicon Valley pioneer Yahoo!, which helped bring the digital communication revolution to the toiling masses, has banned its staff from working from home.

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