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Sunday, 10 March 2013





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There are over 200 well-known social network sites, each with its pluses and minuses

Alone or together? The dilemma in social networking

A global survey has revealed that 23 percent of Facebook users check their accounts five or more times every day. A surprising fact, isnít it? It is obvious that social media websites are taking over the Internet and that new users are signing up every second. Social media sites are by far some of the fastest growing businesses online. It seems that our generation cannot get enough of social media and what it has to offer. No matter how many types of social media sites are out there, new ones keep appearing and capture our attention.

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The mobile mania catches on

We are a nation madly in love with the mobile phone. Although the purpose of using a mobile phone is to contact someone in an emergency, we have found new ways to live with it. From the lowly paid janitor to the highly paid corporate executive, the mobile phone has become a virtual vade mecum (come with me).

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Thorns on the Side

Electric dreams

You may think that electric cars are a recent fad, but they were around more than 100 years ago. So why did they virtually disappear by the 1920s? One word - oil. The rise of the gasoline engine ensured the rapid death of the electric car and before long all vehicles were petrol or diesel-powered.

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