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Sunday, 10 March 2013





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Government Gazette

Pro-LTTE misinformation campaign cracked

Sri Lanka has cracked the misinformation campaign by pro-LTTE elements and the anti-Sri Lanka lobby in Geneva. Sri Lanka’s missions in UN member States must keep the momentum going until the Human Rights Council (HRC) sessions conclude, Dr. Prathibha Mahanamahewa of the Human Rights Commission told the Sunday Observer yesterday.

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Sergeant commits suicide afterassaulting friend to death

A Police Sergeant allegedly committed suicide after assaulting a man to death with an iron bar. The police identified him as a 47-year-old resident in Girandurukotte and was a police Sergeant attached to the Padiyatalawa police.

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Sunday Crime

Aunt and niece burnt to death

In a village in Alenkerni, Kinniya bustling with people who shared their happiness and sadness with one another a tragedy of inconceivable proportions occurred. Machchunadran Vijerani resided in Alankerni. She came from a poor family and was never discouraged in the face of hardship and even with the monotonous daily chores she had to engage in,

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