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Sunday, 10 March 2013





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Ra-Blue 'final cuts' Orange-goda

Ra-Blue has ordered Dee-Nesh Orange-goda to refrain from presenting the Cut that is Final at C-Rasa. "You can't have both and select one. That channel has been targeting me all the time and you should not join my opponents," he told Orange-goda. He could not say no to Ra-Blue who even went to the extent of appointing his beloved as an Em Pee from the list that is national.

Big Lady at it again

Retired Big Lady is jealous of her successor's popularity and the immense popularity of the governing types, compared to her unproductive 11 years at the helm. She has resumed her dialogue again with some old political confidants of the Hand Party. Many have said that they only talk to her as an ex Prez and are not ready to conspire.

Soo-me in two worlds

Soo-me, the One-sa is keeping a low profile these days after an internal survey revealed that they could muster less than two percent of the total vote at any given election. The moderate Bell Boys are determined to join Fonny so that they could jointly muster around five percent of the votes but Soo-me is not willing to do so as it would challenge his leadership.

Green membership drive, a flop

Ra-Blue's new campaign to attract one million new members to the Elephant Party has turned out to be a successful flop. Although Atta-leader got down around 50 people for the first meeting of the series in Kandy, Ra-Blue seemed to be unhappy. "It is with great difficulty that I found this number too," he said.


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