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Sunday, 24 March 2013





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette
Examining the characteristic marks of Prince Siddhartha, seven of the eight distinguished learned Brahmins raised two fingers each, indicative of two possibilities. They said he would either become universal monarch or a Buddha. However, Asitha, the youngest, raised only one finger to say he would definitely retire from the world to become a Buddha

Expanding horizons in life through six glorious virtues

For people in the modern world who are wrestling with the problem of how to practise the Buddha Dhamma in daily life, the 10 Paramis (10 transcendental virtues) provide a useful framework. It helps develop a fruitful attitude so that any activity or relationship undertaken wisely with the primary purpose of developing the perfections in a balanced way becomes part of the practice.

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Obituaries for the living!

How would you feel if you happened to read your own obituary in a newspaper? Sad, angry or surprised? You might think such an eventuality is a writer’s wishful thinking. Certainly not. On a few occasions, some living people have read their own obituaries in the press.

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Michelangelo Buonarroti, the sculptor

Designed through years of agonising effort his sculpture turns out to be one of the most astonishing creations in the history of art. He was possibly the most celebrated artist of his time and we are naturally compelled to view him as the greatest artist that ever lived, on the very moment we look upon the magnificent sculpture and the fresco of the Last Judgment in the Sistine chapel.

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