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Sunday, 24 March 2013





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Deyata Kirula exhibition - police warn bathers

The police yesterday cautioned thousands of visitors who are due to arrive at the Deyata Kirula exhibition in Ampara to be careful while bathing in the surrounding tanks and rivers due to the high risk of drowning. There are a number of small and large scale tanks in and around Ampara where people take a dip due to the prevailing hot weather.

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No mercy for jaywalkers

Jaywalkers have finally met their Waterloo. The traffic police has been given strict orders to apprehend pedestrians who do not adhere to traffic rules said a senior police officer. About 300 offenders are caught by the police daily. It is a common scene at Borrella junction by pass, Pettah, Slave-Island and Kollupitiya as well as busy junctions that pedestrians do not follow the zebra crossings but cross the road at the risk of life.People do not realise the degree of danger and other complications involved in this negative practice.

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Woman throws acid on police, mayhem in village

“My house has been broken into and all my jewellery which I kept so safely even without wearing has been stolen. Someone has broken into my home while I was away. I had just gone to the town and when I came back I found the window which I had locked had been wrenched open and my house had been broken into. Then my pettagama had been ransacked and all the jewellery which I kept safely inside was stolen”. This was the lament of podi Nona when she lodged a complaint with the Dedigama police.

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