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Sochi Olympic torch to reach the final frontier

The Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi, Russia on February 7, 2014, will create history by sending the Olympic Torch into Space - the final frontier.

The 80.500 km long Olympic Torch Relay, the longest in the history of Winter Olympics will begin on October 7, 2013 with over 14,000 torchbearers participating in the historic journey which will cover 83 Russian regions.

Russian ice dancers Tatyana Navka (R) and Ilya Averbukh with the torch

Although the Torch Relay had visited several strange locations in the past this is the first time it will be taken into the most strangest location - the outer space.

Russia plans to send the torch to the International Space Station on board the Soyuz TMA-11M manned spaceship in early November as part of a record-breaking relay. Once in space, Russian cosmonauts Sergei Ryazansky and Oleg Kotov will take the Olympic torch on a spacewalk but the flame will not be lit during the trip.

Sochi 2014 chief Dmitry Chernyshenko said: "Nobody has done this before.

"The spacewalk by two Russian cosmonauts with the Sochi 2014 Olympic torch will be a historic moment in the history of the Olympic torch relay. "I want to thank the Federal Space Agency for its support which will enable us to take the Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay to the final frontier."

There are also plans for the torch to be taken to the foot of Lake Baikal, the world's biggest and deepest freshwater lake.

It will travel more than 50,000 miles (80,500km) including by car, train, plane, troika and reindeer sleigh.

The torch's strange journeys

The torch will reach the International Space Station

As Russia announces it will send the Olympic torch into space, here are some of the other unusual journeys the torch has been on since the tradition started for the 1936 Berlin Games.

* The torch travelled via snowmobile into the Arctic Circle prior to the 1988 Calgary Games.

* It also made a dramatic entrance into the 1994 Lillehammer Games when a ski-jumper carried it into the stadium.

* The torch relay for the equestrian section of the 1956 Games - which was held separately to the main event in Stockholm - was carried out entirely on horseback.

* A camel carried the torch across the Australian desert towards Sydney in 2000.

* The torch was first carried by aeroplane prior to the 1952 Helsinki Games.

Big Ben made of bread!

Food artist Lennie Payne sculpts his bread buildings

Big Ben, The Shard, and the London Eye were among the buildings recreated

"There are people in the world so hungry,that God cannot appear to them except in the form of Bread", says Mahatma Gandhi on the importance of bread.

But for Lennie Payne, the food artist in London, there are more uses for bread other than eating it. For him, bread is like clay and he uses it to recreate some of the London's most iconic structures.

Just imagine the Big Ben recreated with bread! And for that matter the famous Tower Bridge made out of bread! Payne also used muffins, crumpets and sandwich thins to create a 3D London skyline that made the onlookers more hungry.

London's other most famous monuments such as The Shard, The London Eye were among the sculptures commissioned by the food company Warburtons, who was celebrating the winning of the "Best Baker" award.

How can you eat this 'sad looking' chocolate bar?

A shopper thought twice about eating this sad-looking
chocolate bar.

When you unwrap a chocolate bar if you come across a sad-looking face, similar to the picture, on the bar can you ever feel like devouring it?

This was the dilemma when a chocolate eater in Britain faced when he tried to eat the chocolate.

The person that bought the chocolate was so taken aback he decided to post a picture of it online, with the caption: 'My chocolate bar didn't want me to eat him'.

As we know, you don't always get what you want so we are unsure whether the sad-looking snack was indeed given a reprieve - or gobbled up mercilessly.

It's unclear why the bar was so displeased in the first place (we can only assume it was because it faced being eaten).


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