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The iGeneration, plugged to their mobile devices

Living in peace and harmony with the iGeneration

In an interview immediately after India’s cricket team won the Champions Trophy 2013, Captain M.S. Dhoni was asked: “There is a lot of energy in the field. Is it a change in the personnel or is it a cultural change?”

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Wanted potent language buffs!

Most of us take language skills for granted. It is true that as children we acquired them through a trial and error process. In our adult life, most of us think that what we know is enough for effective communication. Unfortunately, when we do not pay attention to major areas of the language, our listeners and readers fail to understand what we communicate.

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Our masks, a symbol of culture

Currently, masks and production of masks in our country have emerged as an all-absorbing folk art associated with Sri Lankan culture. Most prominently, the mask has duly established its irreversible link with performance arts, cults and human beliefs. Although the mask was previously exploited for Sinhalese folk play and for traditional arts of healing (Shanthikarma) it has managed to retain its original local appeal even today.

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