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A better world for children and the elderly

Tuesday is Children’s and Elders’ Day :

What does the future hold for them?

Children and elders: Poles apart in age, but nevertheless the two most vulnerable segments of society. Looking back on our own childhood, most of us from privileged backgrounds would remember the joys of growing up, the toys we were showered with, birthday celebrations that our parents held for us, picnics, sea baths, train rides, story books and the many wonderful things that make a joyous childhood.

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Elders Day on October 1 :

Remembering the elderly

In its span of 68 long years, the UN has set in motion a whole series of global initiatives to alert the world community to its inescapable obligation to care for the under-privileged, the marginalised, the vulnerable and the endangered among us.

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Mauritius, an island of natural beauty

We visited Mauritius, a gem of an island closer to Africa, hidden in the vastness of the Indian Ocean. To us, Mauritius is important for many reasons. It has a link with the history of our nation which we do not much talk about, perhaps because of the sad ending of the story. As school children we learnt in our history lessons how the last King of Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe who fought gallantly to preserve the freedom of our country was captured by the British rulers and sent to Mauritius as a common prisoner.

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