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Thewara takes on Ra-Blue

Ra-Blue faced the worst humiliation that a Green leader had ever experienced when Thewara took him head on. When Thewara spotlighted the blunders of the leadership, Ra-Blue began to walk out as if he was deaf. But an irate Thawara ran up to the Green leader and held him by his jacket. It was One Shot and Wattala Johnna who saved Ra-Blue from an impending assault.

Wedding Sam on the mat

Wedding Sam never guessed even in his wildest dreams that his raw deal with VAT scam king pin Kuthu would come to light. However, he panicked when he found that the law-enforcement authorities had initiated an inquiry into the case where Sam and his buddy Gem Ferdy are alleged to have accepted Rs. 270 million from Kuthu to facilitate an offshore container port during the Retired Big Lady's regime.

Moosa furious over wife's omission

The Mill that is Moosa was furious after his better half was denied nomination from the Elephant Party for the PC polls. Ra-Blue did his best to cool down but the chief city father was adamant that his wife had got a raw deal. Recalling the instances where he had saved the leader, Moosa declared that he would never speak in favour of Ra-Blue in future.

Anura Prince remote-controlled

The Bell Boys pulled a fast one before the PC polls by introducing a new leader to mislead their supporters. Nevertheless, it is Soo-me the One-sa who still commands the party. Only the senior Bell Boys know that Anura Prince is remote-controlled by Soo-me. Anura Prince has been Soo-me's confidant and often does the spy work against Lull Kanth.



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