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One of the imposing caves

Namal Pokuna: History atop a hillock

It was morning and I could see the silhouette of the Dimbulagala mountain range with its jagged peaks thrusting against the pale blue sky. The air was a little chilly. The placid water of the Dalukana tank could be seen on the left side of the road, lying in the foot of the Dimbulagala hill. Across the tank, a soft, cool breeze blew through the leaves of trees.

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The pendant in the Orissa necklace

The Chilika Lake is like a beautiful pendent attached to the Orissa necklace which is on the coastline on the east coast of India. It is a large brackish water wetland of Asia. It spreads across an expanse of 1165 km. During the rainy season it spreads across 906 sq km: in the dry season it is nestled in the heart of coastal Orissa.

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Leopard tales from the past

Nomenclature and description :

The first reference to a leopard in Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon, is by Robert Knox, a Britisher, who was a captive in the Kandyan Kingdom in the 17th century. ďAnd although there be both bears and tigers in these woods,

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