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Asinamaali Dreams of an escape

The magic of the proscenium theatre is that it is a ‘place’ defined in its ‘spatial dimensions’ yet able to create ‘domains’ through ‘expressions’ that transcend parameters of chronology and geography. Tales of myth and legend to topics hot in the news, the theatre is a space where the communication desired by the artist to his audience is channelled through the medium of ‘live performance’.

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British Council’s ‘Homelands’ exhibition in Colombo

‘Homelands’ is an exhibition that is part of the British Council collection and has been touring the South Asia region since May 2013. It is a part of the British Council Collection, which features around 8,500 artworks by British artists, including extraordinary works from the mid-20th Century by Lucian Freud,

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The art of Whistler:

Symphony in white

Each painter appears differently to the viewer who has the right to sit in judgement as to what he feels. Ask 10 people for their opinion and they all will vary. Take a look at Whistler's art; it is all freedom and verve, something that many lack because most of them are so tensed up until the paintings are done which subconsciously reveal in some paintings,

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