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Ukraine accuses Russia of deploying troops to Crimea

1 Mar BBC

Ukraine’s acting President Oleksander Turchynov has accused Russia of deploying troops to Crimea and trying to provoke Kiev into “armed conflict”. In a TV address, he said Moscow wanted the new interim government to react to provocations so it could annex Crimea.Russia’s UN ambassador said,

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Married teacher convicted for affair with 16-year-old

1 Mar MAT News

A married teacher has been spared jail after admitting having an affair with a boy of 16. Shamed history teacher, Bernadette Smith, admitted abusing her position of trust by “engaging in sexual activity” with 16-year-old schoolboy Gary Ralston.

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Syrians to replace Afghans as biggest refugee population

1 Mar Voice of America

The top United Nations refugee official said Syrians are about to pass Afghans as the world's biggest refugee population, and that those who have fled the country's crisis “have not escaped their trauma and psychological wounds.”

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