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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

March 8 is Intíl Womenís Day:

Inspiring change to help domestic violence victims

Domestic violence is one of the most persistent evils in society. No matter where they live, how educated, or how high a place they occupy in their respective societies, the rosy dreams of a happy future for most married women have not just turned sour. They have been shattered into pieces by acts of unspeakable violence perpetrated on them by their husbands.

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Let's co-exist with the Elephants

For 18 years the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society has been working in Wasgamuwa to develop measures that would help turn human-elephant conflict into coexistence. For the first time in Sri Lanka the SLWCS applied the concept of erecting solar powered electric fences around villages rather than around national parks.

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Fascinating games of chance

The earliest games of chance were actually fortune telling rituals. The primitive dice made of fruit stones, pebbles and knuckle bones of pigs, sheep and cows would be thrown into the air in a divination ritual by shaman or fortune teller and the way they fell would be interpreted as the voice of gods.

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