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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette
Plan efficiently in everything you do. Discuss with your partner, family member or a trusted friend

Get organised, be positive

From now on, there will be no missed appointments, no lost emails, and no mislaid pieces of paper. My office room will be clean and orderly. I will always have my keys when I need them. Every scrap of information will be classified according to a complex code so that I can find my receipts at tax time,

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Hopes for a world sans evil

Almost all the systems whether they are political, social or economic, rational people wish to live in a world without evil. The word “evil” embraces many areas such as theft, murder, drugs, lying, fraud, adultery, perjury, bribery, unethical enrichment and slavery.

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Thorns on the Side

The Internet of Things

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is the place to be if you are into electronics. Although I have been to Las Vegas, I could never really catch the CES. But with access to the Internet 24/7, it is almost like I am there.

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