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Film review

Patton capturing the essence of an indomitable warrior

Many are the films set during the time of the World War II. Some of these films are based on key operations and battles that marked the course of the war such as The Battle of the Bulge whilst some others are created around central figures in the war such as Patton.

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EDVARD TUSK: without his face

To give myself the best odds of Justine not answering the call I still revolted against making, grumbling aloud ‘I don’t need to call you’ when I first took out my cell phone, I decided to run a shower, the idea to get as numb, as near to sleep as possible so my urge to become argumentative would be subdued,

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Bizet's dazzling suite...: Carmen

To understand this dazzling, exotic suite and how it was scored and brought to life, is amazing. Only through his innate lyrical gift and melodic power, Carmen was born. He displayed the way forward for French opera with a strong inspirational libretto.

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