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Four songs cure a King

Philip V of Spain was a shy retiring King, who suffered from fits of depression.He neglected affairs of the state and took no interest in any of the court activities.

The Queen, an intelligent woman, had tried many ways of curing his melancholy which was ruining both their lives, but she was not successful.

Then in 1737 Farinelli, the great singer, arrived in Spain. It was intended to be a flying visit, giving a series of concerts throughout the country.

The Queen arranged a concert in the room next to that which the King occupied and invited Farinelli to perform there.Farinelli sang four of his sweetest songs. Philip was jolted out of his misery. He sent for the singer and told him to name his fee.

Farinelli who had been told what to answer, said the best reward would be to see the King return to the society of his court. Philip thought a while and consented.

He allowed himself to be shaved for the first time in many weeks and told everyone, "The singer cured me."

He began to take an interest in music, in world affairs and in life! He granted Farinelli a pension of 50,000 francs a year - on condition that he never again sang in public, and that he sang the same four songs every night to the King who could not sleep until he had heard them. Farinelli sang these songs every night for ten years.


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