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Witches and whatnot

Begging your indulgence, this Kitty Cat will take last things first. Yes, you've guessed correct. Let's get the witch-hunt business out of the way. I've read several times in newspapers and heard over TV news that the ex President accuses the present Government of conducting a witch-hunt on him and his family. Now, the present government is represented by President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe with Dr Rajitha Senaratne close behind.

Can you imagine any of these three as witches? Can you visualise any others like Harsha, Eran and Sujeewa brandishing tapers to set fire to a stake? Not on your life! The highest of the land is too maithrified and full of the milk of human kindness; the second in command cannot really be bothered by such suppositions for he has too much work on his political plate and the others who talk loud and clear would never stoop to low tactics and hitting a person below the belt.

So we have to assume and presume that Mahinda Rajapaksa is imagining things, he is deluded. Maybe he feels hunted but he cannot pass on to us his impression that it is all wrong, he is blameless and they are hunting him - a poor innocent person who was completely selfless and altruistic and toiled and won wars and built roads so the people of this country had the best in life. He was merely asked to present himself for questioning.

What a witch-hunt that was for him! His minions immediately undertook a fast unto death in the revered House, aided and abetted by the Parliament canteen which kept them well supplied with victuals. And they entertained themselves all night long!

The ex-President's brothers have been questioned, his second son on incorrect things done by him as a naval officer. No witch-hunts! The latest cry of witch chasing is the President deriding the taking into police custody an Armed Forces person from his security posse who accompanied his eldest son to a meeting at that wonderful sounding place - Angunakolapalessa - where President Sirisena was present.

Hue and cry

The hue and cry, actually muted when considering the circumstances and probabilities that arise in the mind, was that the Armed Forces person was armed with a loaded gun. That sent this feline's bristles a-quiver, her fur standing on end, her tail raised and her back arched.

Menika was thus, imagining if the gun went off in the direction of the President. 'Oh! An accident' would be the verdict and the short span of memory of the average Sri Lankan would overtake all so that after a dastardly murder, the dust would settle down with hope that ex-rulers and sycophants can make a comeback. Of course if people are sufficiently incensed, there could be complete chaos in the country - two situations that are desired by deposed rulers: elimination of he who rules now and the country in turmoil.

In a newspaper of Wednesday, May 6, a smiling Mahinda Rajapaksa denies the above allegation. He goes into a rambling story about how his son was accompanied by one of his Commandos and what ensued before, during and after the Balamandalaya meeting.

He says: "Corporal Kumara had told the CID that he had left his official handgun with the Army driver of their vehicle before accompanying Namal to the auditorium." He adds that Kumara, who was standing outside the meeting was asked to go back to the vehicle he came in. The old wail ensues: "This persecution has now been extended even to members of the Armed Forces providing protection to me."

He does not categorically deny that the Commando who went to the meeting with Namal carried a firearm but clouds the issue. So this feline, with thousands more people of Sri Lanka demand the truth. Are we to believe the CID who announced the fact of the gun carrying Commando being at the meeting or our ex President who denies it and also faults the police for delay."A statement was obtained by the CID from Corporal Kumara two days later on April 27. He was arrested, a week after the alleged incident." We want the truth.

A question as to why such a risk was taken, if it was, brought this answer from a local Dr Watson: Maybe they were testing the ground. Is security really tight around the new President? (You should know who 'they' are).

"I cannot prophesy the future"

Menika listened to a TV interview in which Dr Jayampathy Wickremaratne was questioned by an announcer cum interviewer of Sports 1st TV Channel. It was revealing and deeply interesting. Dr Wickremaratne, one of the principal drafters of the 19th Amendment, gave valuable information on the process of drafting that started three years ago.

The Opposition in Parliament (how can it be the Opposition with some UPFA members being Cabinet Ministers in the Yahapalanaya Government) were out to sabotage its passage. Anyways, he said so and it was obvious to viewers of the live telecast of the debate in Parliament that certain blue persons, in addition to red, were trying to torpedo the Amendment.

Dr Wickremaratne, full of praise for the President revealed that he was in Parliament, in his room we suppose, talking to this MP and that in an effort to get the Amendment passed which was actually guillotining his powers as the newly elected President of the land.

When asked about the success of the Amendement, Dr Wickremaratne declaimed prophesying mpowers.

He came, he saw, he congratulated!

And now to the historic meeting. We'd better make that plural - meetings. Yes, Menika means the meetings had with US Secretary of State John Kerry. What a lot he crammed into 24 hours - meetings, addresses and a visit to the Kelaniya Temple.

And he was positive about Sri Lanka and also respectful and spoke with such dignity and finesse. We were glad that he came and saw and appreciated. We also wondered why Weerawansa, the champion protector of Sri Lanka from the rapacious west and duplicitous America was not at the gates of the American Embassy protesting against the visit.

Another nugget of news to gladden the heart of this fat cat. Menika has always been an admirer of the British House of Windsor - the real members like the Queen. In gossip sessions with friends, she sided with Prince Charles when Diana was playing around with the British media and two Muslim men. Menika was ostracised by some of her friends as she shed no tear for poor Princess Diana killed in Paris, while they openly cried for her. And so a sweet announcement that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a daughter now - Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. This cat purrs with delight since here is a celebration of family, a young couple to be admired, down to earth and attempting to be as ordinary as possible, sensible parents. And the tittle tattle on internet is how come the Duchess looked so radiant, in high heels to boot, just a couple of hours after giving birth - a real battle to some.

Not apparently to this young woman. Of course she was attended to by one or more dressers and beauticians, but her joy gave her radiance.



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