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Massive earthquake hits Nepal

A huge earthquake measuring 7.8 struct Nepal on April 25,2015 killing more than 1900 people.The shallow quake struck central Nepal, about 81 kilometresnorthwest of the capital Kathmandu.

It caused massive damage in theKathmandu Valley. At this stage around 200,000 peoplehave been lefthomeless by the quake were sleeping in tents overnight in very coldconditions.It is the worst earthquake to hit the country in 80 years.Officials fear the death toll could rise as the desperate searchfor survivors continues.


Google executive dies in avalanche

Dan Fredinburg, a respected Google executive who headed privacy for Google X and led its product management team, has died in the avalanche on Mount Everest which was triggered by the huge earthquake in Nepal.

Fredinburg was an experienced climber who had also co-founded Google Adventure, a company team that filmed Google Street View images in "extreme, exotic locations like the summit of Mount Everest or the Great Barrier Reef off Australia."

Fredinburg's sister Megan confirmed his death via his Instagram account.


Here come the brides!

Seeing triple? Well so were the guests at the joint wedding of these Brazilian triplets! Identical triplets, Rafaela, Rochele and Tagiane were each marriedon March 21st in Brazil, celebrating with a joint ceremony and fulfilling a childhood dream of walking down the aisle together.

The 29 year old brides wore the same white mermaid gown (with different styles of straps), identical hairstyles and matching veils.The main way to tell the sisters apart were the different colours of their bouquets.There were 18 groomsmen at the wedding, each wearing the colour that matched with the wedding party they belonged to.



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