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Oman country

Oman is in the Middle East. Its capital is Muscat. The main nationality comprises Arabs. There are also other communities in this oil rich country. Most of them have come on work permits. There are Indians, Egyptians, Sri Lankans, Philippines and Pakistanis living and working in this country.

The population is at a low level. The economy is stable and they could afford to import all kinds of goods and even labour from other countries.

The head of the country is the Sultan. He is a rich and a powerful person, but, a simple man. There are many government schools and Indian schools in the country. The medium of instruction in government schools is the Arabic language. English is taught as a subject in the curriculum. Teachers from other countries teach special subjects. The students are provided with all facilities.

There are many shops and supermarkets which are laden with good food and clothes. Muscat, the capital is almost a town in a western country. It has everything for a comfortable life.


‘Reading maketh a full man’

People read books as a hobby. They read story books, text books, adventura books, novels, short novels, short stories, magazines and newspapers. There are many advantages in reading. We can improve our knowledge and we can get to know about places, things, people that we have not seen. We can read story books when we are sick and compelled to stay in bed.

We can read adventure books for enjoyment. We get day-to-day news by reading newspapers. We can learn about great people. By reading we improve our vocabulary and can face examinations and get through by reading. We can improve our writing skills and get over loneliness by reading.

As the famous saying ‘Reading maketh a full man’ goes, we must agree and enjoy reading.


The animals

Animals can be categorised into different groups according to their living habits and the food they take.

Animals that are divided according to living habits are marine animals who live in water, land animals and the animals who live on trees and bushes. The animals which are categorised according to the food they eat are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Carnivores are animals who only eat meat. They are found in the jungles such as lions, tigers and snakes.

Herbivores are animals who eat plants and can be seen everywhere such as elephants, cows, bulls and goats to name a few.

Omnivores are animals who depend on meat and plants. Human beings are omnivorous social animals. They are found everywhere but not in forests.

Animals can be named as wild and domestic. Wild animals live in forests and depends on other animals. Some depend on plants. Domestic animals are animals that we keep in homes as pets. Some bring in a good income. The main products of animal husbandry is meat and eggs obtained from hens, cows and goats. Milk, cheese, butter, chocolate and other dairy products also bring in a good income. Countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland earn a good income by producing dairy products. During ancient times animals were useful for people to transport good and to travel from place to place. Due to all these reasons we must not destroy places where animals live and protect these species without disturbing them.


My best friends

I have many friends. Sometimes they help me. I have many good friends. Likewise I know, you also have many friends. Who are your best friends? I know you will say many names. But, do you know my best friends are books.

Books touch me, when I am in a sad mood. They are the best medicine when I am sick. Reading is my hobby, and when I read, I get energy to do all my other work.

I collect information about my country and the world. Many have won the hearts of people around the world such as Thomas Alva Edison, Isaac Niwton and Abraham Lincoln with new inventions. If we select books as our best friends, we can become great people like them one day.


The world in 2080

According to my thinking, when the world reaches 2080, society will change.Vehicles, food, daily appliances and learning ways will also undergo change.

Every vehicle will fly or sink and some will be in space. There will be no cars and bikes going on the road. Humans will be in planets. There will be no helicopters and planes in the sky.

Every human being will have a specific robot to do their daily activities. Students will have a robot do do the lessons. There will be no schools and tuition classes. We will not see hospitals and a robot will give medicines for specific diseases.

We can take money from the robot at any time. They will work as ATM machines and there will be no need for banks.

Animals will be kings on land and human beings will be kings of the sky.

I would like to be a human being in 2080 as I could easily do all my work.


Soft light falls on the forest glade,
A youth walks by; his clothes of rags made.
He has left behind him the life of a king,
In search of a happiness that only truth shall bring.

He searches fervently travels far and wide,
Braving storms, seas and brutal tide.
He meditates on quenching his every desire,
To dispel darkness with glowing fire.

His journey ends after six long years,
Truth dawns and conquers all his fears.
At long last, he is Buddha, the one,
Destined to liberate all beings under the sun.

A visit to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

It was my second visit to Sri Lanka. I decided to go to a wonderful place in Kandy. It was the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. I booked a hotel near the orphanage. After bed tea I visited the Maha Oya. It was a fascinating scenery.

I saw big and small elephants coming to the Maha Oya river in a line. I saw them waving their big ears and touching the other tails while going. They were in the water for along time. I saw them playing and spraying water in the river.

I took some photographs of them. I saw the mahouts scrubbing and rubbing their bodies with coconut husks.Then they were taken for feeding. Pushing each other they tried to take their chance to drink milk.

I spent nearly two hours to see their wonderful activities. I will never forget these sceneries. I enjoyed a lot watching fascinating elephants’ playful activities.

My favourite person

My favourite person is Oliver Twist. He was born in a work house. His mother died at his birth. His father was unknown. Oliver Twist was put into a work house when he was nine years old. He was not paid for his work.

Oliver was not given enough food. He was punished for asking more food. Oliver was sold to a coffin seller. He later became a successful man.

My school

My school is Leeds International School. It is a leading school in Matara. There are three buildings in my school. We have a laboratory, computer lab, library, dancing room and music room.

Our principal is Gogana Amodoru and our sectional head is Chathurika Gunesekara. There are about 30 teachers and 500 students. We have a bookshop and a canteen.

We have a small area to play. It has swing, slide and a merry-go-round. I love my school a lot and I trust that it will make me a great citizen.

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