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Mahinda Rajapaksa’s subtle move to return to power

It is no secret that defeated President Mahinda Rajapaksa is engaged in a subtle move to return to power again. He was floating in unlimited power and now can’t be without it.

The people rejected him because he was avaricious for power by bringing in the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, expecting to be in power for a third term, but miserably failed to achieve his goal. The countless allegations of corruption, intimidation against political opponents and journalists and the scant respect towards minorities, mostly the Tamils, brought a nauseating hatred from foreign countries against his authoritarian rule.

The plain truth is that he and his coterie of undesirables, never expected this defeat and least expected Maithripala Sirisena, to be the opponent.

MR expects to contest again on a nationalistic agenda, depending largely on Sinhala Buddhist votes. The marginalised Tamil and Muslim votes will play a vital role, in a future election.

MR who came to power in 2005, promising to end the political sleaze, has done practically nothing worthwhile except for appointing commissions and holding conferences and these commission reports are yet to be put out.

The servile public service we saw during the past regime, serving the political needs of the powers that be, are not forgotten and the damaging consequences not only to the public service but to the entire nation was well known.

Meanwhile, Maithripala Sirisena maintains his stature, he should abide by his election pledges, some of which are already honoured. A formidable, United Front under MS and Ranil, should be formed, to counter moves by the MR faction. The people have not forgotten the unbridled corruption that took place under MR and it is up to the voters to select the correct path, rather than treading on the feared dreaded track under Mahinda Rajapaksa!

Lionel Caldera,

Promises to voters

One of the promises made to voters to be executed within the 100-day program was to implement a scheme to give Rs. 350 to rubber sheet producers.

Although, we see in the media that the promises are being implemented, rubber producers are yet to know how this scheme is being implemented.

The producers of sheet rubber will be thankful to the authorities, if they are informed through the print and electronic media, the procedure to be followed, to be eligible for this subsidy, from the point where we give our rubber sheets to our dealers.



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