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Do You Believe ThisYour life is no more than 900 Squares

Sometimes, graphics hits a nerve more directly than words do. Someone recently did a little math:
If a month is represented by a tiny square, then your life is, in fact, only 900 squares.

Now draw a 30◊30 table on a A4 paper and check one square for every month. Maybe youíve never really thought about it, but youíll be surprised how short life can be when it is measured this way.

If youíre 20 years old, this is how much life you have already spent:

If you just had a baby, the time you will spend with him/her before he/she goes to kindergarten will be:
Suppose you see each other every day, the time you spend with them will be:

If youíre in a romantic relationship with
someone for six months, this is how itís going to be on the paper:

Before your kids leave home for college, this is roughly the time you are going to spend with each other:
If you see each other twice a month, the time you spend with them will be:

If youíre 30 years old working hard every day, your life will be:

Suppose your parents live to an average of 50 years old, their lives will be:
If you see each other only once a year, it will be:

Now try drawing your life on an A4 paper, and see how much squares are there left. If you have something you wanted to do but never got the chance to, do it before it is too late. Make it shown in the squares above.


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