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Free-wheeling Uncle Veeré, an assassin near Geneva and a deadline for Ranja

Three-year deadline for Ranja

One Lang-sa of a certain coastal city hosted a party for a group of journalists at a hotel on the edge of water. The prime objective of the party was to show the scribes that he is not as ‘bad’ as some portray him to be! Each journalist who attended the party was gifted a 16 GB pen drive, probably to store in their collective memory that Lang-sa is a good boy who doesn’t deserve a digit of criticism.

“I don’t punish my opponents. It is solely up to my god,” a slightly tipsy Lang-sa announced to a group of journalists who surrounded him at the dinner table.

“Everyone who challenged me lost the last Parliamentary election. I didn’t do anything. It is the gods who defeated them,” Lang-sa said arguing his finely-tuned logic.

“Then what about Ranja?” a journalist who is well-versed in the affairs of the Diyawanna House posed an unexpected question.

“Mark my word malli ! Ranja will last in the political game only for three years,” Lang-sa, who is well-known for ‘operations’ in the world down under said, leaving the scribes wondering what will happen to the said ‘Ranja’.

Upwardly mobile entrepreneur

A high profile businessman, who has held key positions in banking, finance and sports sectors, is tipped to be appointed as the big boss of a state-run TV channel which was quite reputed for its independence over the past 10 years. The big boss, according to whispers behind closed doors, is expected to accept the position for an interim period of six months, in addition to his present high-profile job in the banking sector.

“After six months, our boss will leave both jobs and take up a new position in a newly set up high- powered ministry.

That is going to be his long-term destination,” a bird that flew in and out of his house quite often, chirped cheerfully.

Although the multi-faceted, multi-layered and multi-coloured businessman was known to be a close associate of a former top lady in the past, he has now developed strong links with the green party too, making himself a man for all seasons irrespective of the colour of the government.

Geneva - assassin’s hideaway?

While the gentlemen in Geneva probe the human rights track record of Sri Lanka, the law enforcement bodies of Sri Lanka are conducting probes as to whether the killers of politico Raviraj have fled to Geneva.

It does not require Einstein’s wisdom to understand who wanted to kill Raviraj, an outspoken legislator of the Tamil party of the North pole. Apparently, suspicion has been directed at a hitman from the Eastern shores who had links with an un-intelligent wing.

Not so long ago, there were rumours that a ‘shadow-tiger’ group was formed by un-intelligent wings to launch attacks on political opponents of the previous ruler. They all ran haywire when the king was unseated, unexpectedly, through a silent revolution by the people. Whether the Raviraj ‘hit’ too is linked to the same ‘shadow-tiger’ gang remains a question.

So, even as the Human Rights Council meets in one Swiss city, the Lankan authorities will soon seek the assistance of the Swiss government to trace the suspects of Ravi’s murder.

Free-wheeling Uncle Veeré

‘Uncle Veeré’ was the right hand man of the former king when the latter was in power. As a result, Uncle had to get involved in all sorts of dirty deals just to please his boss (and boss’s family too, perhaps).

Among them is the famous ‘robes’ issue which is presently being investigated by the law enforcement bodies.Interestingly, initial investigations showed that ‘Uncle’ was directly involved in the transaction under question and he had no chance of escaping responsibility.

However, he was not immediately taken into custody probably because the ‘Diyawanna race’ was around the corner.After the race, however, the case resumed and the General of attorneys gave written instructions to the Police to arrest the man.

The written instructions were issued nearly two weeks ago!It is not as if Uncle is in hiding and the Police can’t trace his whereabouts. Uncle roams the city freely, goes to supermarkets, attends weddings, funerals and all sorts of social gatherings. But our Police, for some reason, just don’t see him!

Fishy, no?


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