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Leo Club of Nawala Metro adjudged Best Leo Club in Sri Lanka - 2015:

Leo Sahan Randika

Leo Kalana Pathirana.

An innovative project intriguingly titled 'Drop of Life - It's never too late for the monsoon to arrive' earned Leo Club of Nawala Metro great accolade and the coveted award for the 'Best Leo Club in Sri Lanka'. The award was presented by the Leo Multiple District 306 Conference, Sri Lanka, at a ceremony at the Central Bank Auditorium recently.

Project 'Drop of Life' saw the Leos from Nawala Metro providing water for Anuradhapura when it was affected by a drought in August last year. The first phase saw the Club supplying 33,000 litres of water to the Rambewa village in the Anuradhapura District, with the second phase done in Tissamaharama.

The Club also did a multi-service project in Matara that included many social services ranging from an eye screening project to leadership, drug and legal advisory campaign.

"We get help from many professionals and we are happy about it," says immediate past President, Leo Vishan Gunarathne, explaining that they have done more than 60 projects up to now and that 20 of them had been massive projects. One of the massive projects undertaken by the Nawala Metro Leos is the releasing approximately 500 turtles to the Bentota beach.

"The society and especially the youth should be aware of the Leo Clubs in Sri Lanka. We always welcome the youth to join us in our social service programs, which benefits the country.

The one and only qualification that one needs is to have a heart to help. Leo helps to change and bring a huge impact to the society as a group which an individual alone cannot do. Many good habits and qualities can be developed as a member of the Leo Club," says Gunarathne.

A relative new comer to the scene, Leo Club of Nawala Metro was installed by Leo District 306 C2 Sri Lanka and sponsored by the Lions Club of Nawala Metro, which comes under Lion District 306 C2, Sri Lanka, chartered on June 21, 2011 by DG Deshabandu/Deshashakthi Lion Tilak Perera.

Originally there were 21 young and enthusiastic new members dedicated to working towards the betterment of the community and making a difference. They began with what they deem, is a series of life changing programs that included 'Helping Hands' which is aimed at helping the community for a better tomorrow, 'The Green Team' which is aimed at creating a sustainable environment for further generations, 'Leader In You' which is aimed at helping to groom better leaders for tomorrow, 'Support A School' a signature to improve a school that has come to the brink of closing down due to lack of support, neglect and remoteness.

Leo Club is a youth organization of Lions Club International, with the letters standing for Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. The Leo Club's objective is to provide the youth of the world with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international community.

Sri Lanka is one of the top countries with the highest number of Leo Clubs. The first Leo Club was founded in 1957 by Glenside Lions Club in Abington, Pennsylvania, USA with 35 high school boys. Today there are 6, 100 clubs in 138 countries with 150,000 members around the world.

The Leos of Nawala Metro has been able to render tremendous service to the community. Apart from the good work towards the betterment of the community, the Leos are also well known for their innovativeness and the passion to do things their way.

"The Leo Club of Nawala Metro 306 C2, which came into being in 2013 quickly achieved the best new Leo Club status and was awarded the best Leo Club in Sri Lanka award for the Leoistic year 2014- 2015.

The first President of our club was Leo Sahan Randika and the immediate past President is Leo Vishan Gunarathne under whose President ship we achieved the best Leo Club in Sri Lanka status," says present President Leo Kalana Pathirana.

He says it is a great privilege for him to be the President of the outstanding Leo Club in Sri Lanka.

"My goal as the President this year is to do more social services and bring a good name and impression to my club," he says, adding that the smiles in the faces of many people are their achievement and that is what they want.


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