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Friends you need to have on speed dial

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We all have our go to friends (outside of our best friend) that we get along with just a tad bit more than the rest.

However, there are a handful of friends that you absolutely must have in your favourites list on your phone.

They are the ones that you need to be able to call in a blink of an eye because at some point you’re going to need each and every one of them.

The Listener

When you’ve had a stressful day and you’re feeling down or a bit enraged because your boss just bypassed you for a promotion yet again you more than likely need someone to vent to. This is where the listener can come in handy. They are there when you need to chat and will allow you the opportunity to get your feelings out without casting judgment on some of your questionable rants.

The Humorous One

Sometimes you just need to let loose and have a good time. Your humorous friend can put fun back into your day effortlessly. Most of your hangouts will involve an immense amount of smiles and they’ll bring out your inner comedian.

Having a few good chuckles is good for the soul and everyone needs an abundance of smiles now and again.The Handyman/Handywoman

There will come a time where you will find yourself staring down a furniture manual and you’ll need reinforcements.

Not only are the manuals quite vague but usually they recommend two people to build it. If you’re not the DIY type then you are definitely going to need a friend who has quite a few DIY projects under their belt.

Your home improvement pal will know exactly what to do when faced with unclear directions. In fact they may not even need the directions at all.

The Health Nut

Feeling a little lazy? Did you just watch a motivating infomercial where everyone has a six pack and now you’re feeling like nothing more than an out of shape fast food addict? The health guru can fix that.

They’ll get you back to feeling like a 21-year-old in no time.

If you need nutritional advice they’ll have the answers that you’re looking for and I’m sure they would be more than willing to take a trip to the grocery store to help pick out some healthy treats.

The Mentor

At some point in our life we’ve all been confused on what path we should pursue or if our choices are actually sound decisions.

Your mentor friend may not have the answer for you but more than likely they will be able to offer perspective.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to you but it’s always nice to get an opinion so you can view the situation from a new angle.

The Adventure Guru

We all have those times where we feel bored. Maybe our job or home responsibilities have gotten a little stale. In times of severe boredom it’s best to visit with your adventurous buddy. Usually they are on the go and you’ll more than likely find yourself stepping out of the box and making memorable moments. You’ll have fun trying new things or engaging in some thrilling escapades.

Your pal is up for anything and the hours you spend with them will have a way of just slipping away.

Do you have any of the above listed friends? Which ones do you tend to call more?

-Chronicles of Chic


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