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Matthew Abeysinghe

Curtain falls on cricket selectors’ tour opera

Over Rs 40 million spent on foreign frolics in two years:

A merry-go-round by Sri Lankan cricket selectors that went on for years almost unstoppable has been brought to a screeching end after it was realised millions of rupees had been busted on foreign jaunts. The ruling means the coach and captain on tour will be entrusted with the task of deciding on players in consultation with the selectors who will have to function from their home desks and not permitted to accompany teams.


Matthew Abeysinghe’s most frightening moment

Record setting Sri Lankan swimmer Matthew Abeysinghe had to throw in everything he had as he was faced with a choice to either give up anchoring the 4X100 relay event at the concluded South Asian Games in Guwahati, India or put an end to the seemingly eternal dominance of the host country. Abeysinghe found himself virtually lost at the deep end,


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